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review’d featured on Web Pro News13 Apr

It’s been a little while since our launch at SXSW, but we’re still offering a free 30-day trial for you to give review’d a try.  It’s Twitter sentiment analytics made easy. We caught up with the nice people over at Web Pro News to chat with co-founders John and Eric.  Check it out below! More WebProNews Videos
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What’s the overall feel at SXSW?16 Mar

We’ve been tracking the hashtag #sxsw since before the start of South by Southwest and wanted to give you a look at how people really feel about what’s going on. Here’s a quick look: With the above, you can see the swell of opinion and get a sense of the true state of mind at SXSW. If [...]
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Live from SXSW14 Mar

With a couple of days under our belt now, SXSWi is in full swing. Panels are packed with programming and the parties are pumping.  Around the convention center, people are finding free trials to review’d by zapping the QR tag with their phones. We’ve been having a lot of conversations with people about review’d and a [...]
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Find us at SXSW; get a FREE beta account.08 Mar

Right around this time every year, a few thousand peoples’ salivatory glands uncontrollably start to get excited.  They know what’s about to happen.  It’s good old fashioned Texas BBQ time at SXSW in Austin. We’re pleased to say that review’d co-founders John and Eric will be there in full force helping to get this awesome Twitter [...]
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Apple’s big day; a look at Twitter sentiment on launch day27 Jan

Our friend Darry Ohrt (@darrylohrt) from Brandflakes for Breakfast hardly stopped short of proposing a new national holiday in an early morning tweet, proclaiming “Happy Apple Day.”  And what a day it better be. Apple’s buzz machine has been working overtime for past few months to create awareness, intrigue, a bit of mystique, and ultimate anticipation-in-awe [...]
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Windows 7 update: the excitement is fading24 Nov

It’s been a little while since you’ve seen some good hard data from us, so we wanted to give you some new juicy bits to chew on while the turkey bakes in the oven. How about an update on Windows 7? As you know, we’ve been tracking the sentiment toward Windows 7 for some time. [...]
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Get the weather sent to you via Twitter17 Nov

We’re pleased to announce @weather_tweets. It’s a service from us here at review’d that allows you to get the weather forecast sent to you via direct message on Twitter up to two times daily. To sign up, simply go to http://reviewd.com/weather and click the sign up link. From there, we’ll ask you to set up [...]
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review’d digs deep into Microsoft’s home page22 Oct

Did you feel that tremor around 12:01 a.m. today when Windows 7 launched?  Actually, it was probably more like a giant exhale of relief.  Finally there’s a replacement for *arguably* the worst operating system in history, Vista. Recognizing that teeing-up perception of the new OS is critical to its initial success, Microsoft itself decided to stoke [...]
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review’d in Action: MLB Playoff Update & review’d Score13 Oct

So as predictions go, fate can interfere.  Looks like there won’t be a Yankees vs. Red Sox match-up after all.  That’s okay though, because there’s still something to be learned.  Check this out…this is the the plot of the review’d score for the Red Sox and the Angels since the 7th (the day before the [...]

Connect with review’d07 Oct

There are a few really easy ways to say informed with what we’re up to over at review’d. 1.) Twitter (@reviewd) 2.) The review’d blog and its RSS feed 3.) review’d blog posts delivered via e-mail

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