About review’d

review’d delivers marketing intelligence that helps organizations understand and improve their presence online.  It does this by gauging informal consumer interest — in near real-time — through the Twitter microblogging service.

Twitter has transformed the conversation marketplace — it’s where people go to express their happiness or unhappiness with a particular company, brand or product.  review’d captures that expression and quantifies it into a scientific metric that can be tracked over time. With more than 20% of tweets about brands being about product information, it’s time you understood how you’re doing.

Did your company just release a new product and you’d like to gauge immediate consumer reaction to it?  Did your organization just suffer through a bad news cycle?  Want to know what people are saying about your company, your brand and your products?  Pretty soon you’ll be able to know in a simple and effective manner that doesn’t overwhelm you with useless information or data.

Companies turn to review’d to help gain unique, quantified insights into the people who are talking about them and what they are saying.  With the review’d service, you will see what people are saying, track whether your overall review’d Score is trending up or down, and work on improving your social media presence.

Our approach
review’d services are backed by scientific linguistic and psychological behavioral data analysis applied to content via the Twitter service.  Our proprietary data methodologies rate and track sentiment so that more productive conversations can get started. We’ve scoured multitudes of tweets to develop an algorithm that identifies opinion statements and plots positive against negative ones.

How review’d came to be
review’d was built from the ground up by people who needed to use it. It wasn’t conceived of off of the most sophisticated linguistics research. No; it was simple. One day we noticed that lots of opinions are being expressed on Twitter and that they were the most important tweets we were seeing. They were the ones we cared about that also tended to provide a sense of “how we’re doing.” So we dug deeper to figure out how to sift for more of these opinions and open it up for others to use. That’s what brought us here. Not venture capital.

Top 3 reasons to use review’d

  • Create a baseline – One of the biggest challenges marketers have in measuring social media is that there’s no baseline to compare today versus yesterday against a competitor or simply yourself. review’d uses the same algorithm system-wide so that when you make comparisons, it actually means something. Your review’d score is based off the previous two week’s performance
  • Save time – Everyone is strapped for time. review’d helps marketers literally cut through the online clutter by identifying the tweets that matter – those that are highly positive or negative. This way, you can quickly applaud those who appreciate you and take action against those who loathe.
  • Save energy with automation – Daily review’d reports make it easy for you to stay informed about how you’re doing. In addition, the dynamic graphs within the review’d dashboard update as new data is generated.

The founders
review’d was founded by Eric Fleming and Dr. John Grohol, Psy.D. at the intersection between marketing and psychology. Learn more about the founders here.

review’d is presently looking for partners to help us grow our offering quickly. Specifically, we’re looking for the right partner to help us find creative ways to get the word out about review’d. Have an idea? E-mail us.

review’d is proud to be one of those “born in the basement” start-ups that hasn’t required any investment to get up-and-running. At this time, review’d is not seeking external investment support, but is interested in exploring business partnerships. E-mail us.

About review’d

review’d delivers marketing intelligence that helps companies and organizations understand and improve their presence online. It does this by gauging informal consumer interest — in near real-time — through the Twitter microblogging service. Learn more

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