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SXSW can be daunting, even if you’ve been in the past. There’s a schedule book that could accidentally kill a small animal, a maze of an expo center, and so many parties meetings to tend to that it can stress you out a bit.

Well, we’re here to say: stress not. The interesting mix of designers, web geeks, marketers, and creatives will help you out. Just ask if your tubes get clogged.

To easy your worries in advance, we started a collection of helpful links.  Here they are:

  • my.sxsw – the official site of SXSW helps you get set up with your badge photo, connect with other SXSWers, and set up your personal schedule of events. The new iPhone app this year enables you to access it right in that shiny bit in your hand [assuming AT&T doesn't suck this year]
  •’s where to eat Google Map mash-up – Priorities folks; you gotta eat at some point.
  • The unofficial events on upcoming – Who said the most important business always gets done over a beverage…or three?
  • Parties on Plancast – Someone started this up to organize some socialization that involves more than staring at a computer screen displaying Facebook.
  • QuickMark – We’re predicting that QR 2D barcode tech is going to take off more than ever this year at SXSW. We’ve had good luck with QuickMark and recommend you download and give it a try in preparation for Austin.

Special review’d recommended BBQ: Iron Works (southeast corner of the convention center).

We’ll be adding to this post as we think of more important info to share. When in doubt; don’t stress, just ask someone for help if you need it.

Oh, and if you’re interested in Twitter sentiment analytics, DM us @reviewd to meet up and we’ll hook you up with a free Basic account for 30 days.

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  1. Eric

    Yelp’s party index is at

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