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Live from SXSW14 Mar

With a couple of days under our belt now, SXSWi is in full swing. Panels are packed with programming and the parties are pumping.  Around the convention center, people are finding free trials to review’d by zapping the QR tag with their phones.

We’ve been having a lot of conversations with people about review’d and a few themes are starting to emerge.

  • They like it simple. And so do we.  review’d is built from a focused perspective of providing users with powerful Twitter sentiment data that doesn’t overwhelm users with too much data. Sentiment can be a complicated topic, but it doesn’t have to be.
  • They like it inexpensive. We’re aware of other social media metrics and analysis services that are out there. They’re typically very expensive and are bogged down with features. You can start using review’d for free and give it a full test for 30 days with no strings attached.
  • They like it on their phones. Handheld use is ubiquitous at SXSW and it’s expressive of the daily lives that attendees here live. We’re proud to say that review’d was designed to work well on devices like the iPhone from day 1. Give it a try.

We just went to a great core conversation on “how social media can destroy your business model.”  It was led by Kami Huyse and Anjuan Simmons, who did a nice job sharing some case studies and inciting dialogue about the topic.  Very quickly the talk turned to ROI and metrics with examples such as how Network Solutions’ @shashib was able to capitalize on discontent from GoDaddy customers by offering a coupon code during backlash from GoDaddy’s ad.  Twitter sentiment was a big part of their success in showing true results.

For additional coverage of the core conversation here in Austin, visit the hashtag #sxswdestroy before it fades away.

If you’re at SXSW and would like to meet up to talk more about Twitter sentiment analytics, we’d love to do so. DM us @reviewd or get in touch with @ericfleming or @docjohng.

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  1. Anjuan Simmons

    I’m glad you enjoyed the Core Conversation. I appreciate the time you took to attend my panel!



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