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review’d in Action: MLB Playoff Update & review’d Score13 Oct

So as predictions go, fate can interfere.  Looks like there won’t be a Yankees vs. Red Sox match-up after all.  That’s okay though, because there’s still something to be learned.  Check this out…this is the the plot of the review’d score for the Red Sox and the Angels since the 7th (the day before the playoffs started).  These two teams faced-off and although game 3 was close at Fenway, the Angels took the series ending any possibility of a World Series for beantown.

Daily review'd score

Daily review'd score

So what’s this review’d score?  It’s one of the most important metrics that review’d makes available.  It’s consistent system-wide (in terms of how it’s calculated) and represents a sense of how opinions are faring for the entity you’re tracking.  It’s based on a 0-100 scale (0 = people are completely upset to 100 = ecstatically overjoyed).

We typically present it as two numbers on an org’s profile page.  One is your daily score, so that’s the relationship between positive and negative tweets tracked today.  The other is a reputation score, which fluctuates less and is based off of the previous seven days worth of data.  The tide can turn swiftly in Twitterverse and so we’ve chosen this period based on our experience of witnessing events unfold for orgs such as Whole Foods or people like Kanye West.

What’s interesting about the above comparison (showing just the daily score over time) is that Red Sox support actually rose as they lost.  Angels, on the other hand, declined by about 10 points.  You’ll also note that the Sox score dropped to 0 at one point.  This is because there were no positive tweets tracked that day – the day the Sox first faced-off against the Angels and lost.

You’ll be hearing us mention the review’d score often moving forward, but let us know if you have any questions.

Thanks to all of you who signed up for the Feedburner feed of this blog.  We appreciate it.  Also, welcome to all the new @reviewd followers on Twitter!

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